The Mom Effect

Pastor Glen Keefer


Description:All of our moms have effected us in one way or another. For some, it's your sense of humor. Others, it's your favorite foods, and still others it's your perspective on life itself. Moms have effected us in big ways and that's how God purposed it to be

Our Mission

Pastor Glen Keefer


Description:Is your life lived with urgency? Do you live under deadlines? Do you rush from here to there? We live in a highly motivated, fast-paced world. We seem to have urgency to get things done at work, at home and in our personal pursuits, yet fail to have any urgency to share our faith with others? Most Christians claim to believe that Jesus could return at any moment, yet seem to have little urgency to share the Good News with friends and family. If we truly believe that Jesus is soon to return and that we are closer than ever before shouldn't our urgency for sharing Christ reflect that?

Church Homeless

Pastor Glen Keefer


Description:Did you know only 17.5% of Americans attend church on any given Sunday? Many people in our nation are "Church Homeless". Jesus told us to go out into the highways and byways and compel them to come in so that His house may be full. What are you doing to compel people to come to church with you?

Being Real in a Fake World

Pastor Glen Keefer


Description:God honors us when we truthfully approach his throne.